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Katherine Hana Li
22 December
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Name: Katherine Hana Li (Kathy/Banzai)
Fandom: Ex-Heroes, Peter Clines
Big Sib: Victor Mancha, ultron_junior
Little Sibs: Alex Mack, thegc161kid, Jeffrey 'Joker' Moreau, fly_so_serious, Charlotte 'Lottie' Grote bestatmystery
Voicemail: 555-BNZI
Class: N/A
Age: 18. Sorta.
Living Arrangements: Room 508 with Flick, flickofawrist, Raven Darkholme, tigerundercover No longer living, roaming the streets of LA as an ex.
Mun Email: booksomewench at gmail dot com

Class Schedule
Spring Semester, 2016
Mon: Per 3. Practical Phys Ed; Fred Myers
Tue: Per 3. 101 Ways to Survive in the Field; Atton Rand
Wed: Per 2. Diplomacy, Relationships, & Tactics: The Art of War; Tahiri Veila and Ghanima Atreides
Thu: Per 1. Oh the Humanity!: Friendship is International Adventure; Eliot Spencer and Pinkie Pie
Fri: Per 1. Advanced Driver's Ed: Driving Other Stuff; Brian O'Conner
Additional Classes: AP Language and Composition, AP Spanish Language, AP Chemistry, AP World History, Linear Algebra, Italian I

Fall Semester, 2015
Mon: Per 4. Drama; Lito Rodriguez
Tue: Per 2. Magical Bestiary; Bob of Bainbridge
Tue: Per 4. Speech; Josh Lyman
Wed: Per 1. Pony Express! Friendship is Cultural Exchange; Pinkie Pie
Thu: Per 2. Hunting 101; Sam Winchester
Thu: Per 3. Adulting with Cars; Brian O'Conner
Fri: Per 1. Don't Be Stupid; Cara Mord'Sith
Fri: Per 2. Philosophy of Loss; Didi Endless
Additional Classes: AP Language and Composition, AP Spanish Language, AP Chemistry, AP World History, Linear Algebra, Italian I

Summer Session 2, 2015
Mon: Per 2. Etiquette; Obi-Wan Kenobi
Mon: Per 3. Beach Fitness; Clint Barton
Tue: Per 1. Outdoor Adventure Time (Part 2); Eliot Spencer & Parker (TA)
Tue: Per 2. Relax & Recharge 2: EXTREME! Relaxation; James Bond
Wed: Per 2. Conspiracy Theories; Agent Washington
Wed: Per 3. World Mythology; Ghanima Atreides
Thu: Per 1. Advanced Driver's Ed; Brian O'Conner
Thu: Per 2. Sneaking 101; Atton Rand

Summer Session 1, 2015
Tue: Per 2. Outdoor Adventure Time; Eliot Spencer & Parker (TA)
Tue: Per 3. History of Earth; Jones
Wed: Per 1. Pointy End AWAY From You; Anakin Skywalker & Obi-Wan Kenobi
Wed: Per 2. Tactics and Teamwork; Washington
Wed: Per 3. Physical Education; Ghanima Atreides
Thu: Per 1. Driver's Education; Ben O'Conner
Thu: Per 2. Survive the Island; Cara Mord'sith
Fri: Per 2. Sexual Safety; Irene Adler

Spring Semester, 2015
Mon: Per 3. Baking: Sweet & Savory; Hannibal Lecter
Tue: Per 1. How to Develop a Personal Style; Irene Adler
Tue: Per 2. Ethics: Navigating the Gray Areas; Obi-Wan Kenobi & Anakin Skywalker
Tue: Per 3. Creative Problem Solving; Parker Alice White & Eliot Spencer
Wed: Per 2. Mad Kings & Queens; Ghanima Atreides
Thu: Per 4. The Art of BS; Josh Lyman (TA)
Fri: Per 1. Powers, Identity, and The World; Embracing the Real You; Jonothon Starsmore & Rinoa Heartilly
Fri. Per 3. The Living City: Change and the Urban Environment; Mr. Bruce Wayne
Additional Classes: AP US History, AP English Lit & Comp, AP Biology, AP Physics I, Advanced Spanish Lit, Calculus

Fall Semester, 2014
Mon: Per 2. Public Service: On the Edge, Reno Turk
Tue: Per 2. Sex, Dating, & Self-Confidence, Irene Adler
Thu: Per 2. Meditation and the Art of Kicking Ass, Anakin Skywalker
Fri: Per 2. American History: Lies Your Other Teachers Taught You, Josh Lyman
Additional Classes: AP US History, AP English Lit & Comp, AP Biology, AP Physics I, Advanced Spanish Lit, Calculus

Summer Semester 2 2014
Mon. Per 2: Hacking 101, Riley Poole
Tue. Per 1: Extreme Physical Education, Samhain LaCroix
Wed. Per 1: Everything's A Weapon, Reno Turk
Wed. Per 4: Practical Philosophy, Ender Wiggin
Thu. Per 2: Better Living Through Chemistry, Ben Skywalker
Thu. Per 3: Still Wanna Be a Hero?, Cara Mord'Sith
Fri. Per 1: Sports, Eugene "Flash" Thompson
Fri. Per 2: 7 Habits, Carol Cristal Cheryl Tunt, Pam Poovey

Summer Semester 1 2014
Mon. Per 2: Dance, Kitty Pride
Wed. Per 2: These United States, Josh Lyman
Wed. Per 4: The Day After Doomsday, Reno of the Turks
Thu. Per 2: Driver's Ed., James Bond
Fri. Per 1: Career Counseling, Carol Cristal Cheryl Tunt, Pam Poovey
Fri. Per 2: Commnity Service and You, Bruce Wayne
Fri. Per 3: Teamwork for Jerks, Jack Nought
Fri. Per 4: Want to be a Hero, Cara of the Mord'Sith
Additional classes: Pre-calculus, Spanish III, Eastern Literature, History of Western Colonialism, Physics

Spring Semester 2014
Tues. Per 3: Handling Your Powers: Training in Self-Control, Kaidan Alenko
Fri. Per 3: Coping With Change, Jonothon Evan Starsmore

Fall Semester 2013
Tues. Per 3: History: An Exploration of Overlooked Historical Events, Riley Poole
Thur. Per 2: Current Events, Josh Lyman
Additional Classes: Biology, East Asian Literature, Intermediate Spanish

Summer Session II, Summer 2013
Practical Philosophy, Ender Wiggin, Monday, Per 1
Around the World in 7 Weeks, Anakin & Ben Skywalker, Tuesday, Per 2

PB is Kang Minkyung from the group Davichi.

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