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Room 508, Wednesday Evening
Kathy was not having a great day. Someone had decided to spread ugly rumors about her. The first message had just confused her. The second had irked her. But then the third and fourth had come in and everything started to make a kind of sick and twisted sense. She'd seen it before; someone would decide that they hated someone else and then go around telling lies and insults to tear them down. The same kind of thing had happened all the time in her old school in LA.

She just hadn't thought that the same thing would happen in Fandom.

On the plus side, this was the first time since she'd gotten her mirror that Kathy was yanking on her rainbow-accented gi and planning to head out into Baltimore. She needed an outlet for all her aggravation, dammit.

[Establishy, just because all the messages so far fit perfectly together, but open if anyone wants to stop by before she leaves.]