Kiss 2
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Room 508, Sunday
Kathy sat in the dark, the small circle of light from her desk lamp providing any illumination at all. It was, of course, trained on the mirror, as it had been since Thursday night, once Kathy realized that the daylight had faded enough to make it difficult to see the images that her mirror was showing her. She hadn't eaten since she'd found half a container of Tic Tacs in a drawer Friday evening. She hadn't drunk anything since she finished the contents of her water bottle yesterday afternoon. She hadn't slept in--well, who was keeping track of that? Kathy wasn't.

Kathy gave Travis a shy smile as he leaned forward to tuck a lock of hair behind her ear. Somehow their plan to 'hangout and read comics' had involved lots of lying on her bed and talking, but very little actual reading. They'd started out sitting rather primly on opposite sides of her bed, but over the hours, they'd gotten more relaxed and comfortable, sprawling out across her bed.

Getting close. Getting very close. Getting definitely-in-kissing-distance close.

"Kathy?" Travis asked, sounding as nervous and hesitant as Kathy felt.


"Umm...I'd like to--well, I mean, would it be okay if...if I kissed you?"

Kathy blushed. There was a lot more nervousness involved when the island wasn't ramping everyone's libidos up to eleven. But even so, Kathy recognized that most of the fluttery feelings in her stomach were not of the butterfly persuasion. "I'd like that," she said. "Because I'd really like kiss you, too."

Kissing....didn't stop at kissing. Not when there were so many more interesting things that could be done after shirts hit the floor.

With Travis's mouth on hers and his hands busy on her chest, Kathy was very startled to feel two
more hands circle her waist and another mouth bite down on her neck. She broke the kiss with a gasp, one of both surprise and need, stepping backwards and into someone's bare chest.

"It's okay, Kathy," Anders said, licking the red spot he'd made on her neck. "It's just me."

"How'd you even get in here?" she asked, while Travis kissed his way down to her shoulder. "What about--" Ugh, why was thinking so
hard? "What about Nathan?"

Anders looked into Kathy's eyes and gave her the same boyish grin she'd always found so hot, a blonde curl falling into his eye. "Mage, remember? And don't worry about Nathan. He said it was okay. Because it's you, Kathy. Everything's okay if it's for
you." Travis murmured his agreement.

She tried to look from one to the other, but it was hard keeping her eyes open. "But--wait, you mean, you both--?" She couldn't finish the question.

Fortunately, they seemed to understand. "Yeah. Yeah we do. So long as we're with

Well...well okay then! If everyone was onboard (
because of her, because they wanted her, she was wanted, she was desired, she was seen), the last thing Kathy was going to do was argue the point! Hands and mouths were everywhere, Anders doing something delicious with his tongue on her back, Travis easing her jeans down, when a new voice came from the doorway.

"Looks like it's Christmas and my birthday all rolled into one," Ezra said, watching the scene with greedy eyes and his customary smirk. "I hadn't realized I'd been so good. There room for one more person to crash the party?" He held up a bag with the word
Dite's emblazoned on the front. "I brought treats."

There was no hesitation. Kathy crooked a finger at him. "Come in and close the door."

Ezra's smirk grew wider. "There's one," he said, stepping inside and locking the door for good measure. "As for the other, well, give me time." He prowled over and gave Kathy a deep kiss. "But you first," he promised, eyes dark.

And they converged on her, pulling her down into a tangle of limbs on her bed and she was climbing, climbing, cresting, falling...



Banzai landed in the alley in a crouch, immediately scanning the area for enemies. "Gorgon?" she called, standing up slowly. "Partner? Where are you?"

Something flashed in the darkest shadows of the rooftop and without thinking, Banzai flung a blunted shuriken at it. She was rewarded with a thud and a muffled damn, before Gorgon stepped into the light, chuckling a little and shaking his hand. "Should have known better than to try to catch one of your little toys, even up a tier," he said, grinning down at her. "But I thought that was a better idea than letting it him me. I'm not wearing body armor tonight."

"And dodging wasn't an option?" Banzai asked, raising an eyebrow. "Someone hasn't learned anything from getting shot."

"Sure I did," Gorgon replied, stepping well into her personal space, his hands settling onto her hips. "I didn't let it hit my shoulder, did I?" He was backing her up now, though she barely realized they were moving until her back hit a wall. "Wanna know what else I learned?"

"What?" Banzai asked, a little breathless, her eyes fastened squarely on his mouth.

"Life's too short to pass up what you want." And then he was kissing her, all barely-leashed passion and strength. "And I want you, Banzai," he rasped when the kiss was over. Banzai, weak-kneed and clinging to the brick to remain upright, could only nod.

Gorgon scooped her up into his arms and gave her another one of his dark grins. "Hold on tight, baby. Tonight I'm going to teach you to

She wasn't hungry, even though her shirt was falling over gaunt shoulders too thin to keep the straps up. She wasn't thirsty, even though her mouth was dry and her lips were cracked. She wasn't tired, for all that the circles under her eyes were dark enough to look like bruises. Instead, with lips that tore and bled from the movement, Kathy was grinning in the dark.

Hours later, though, that smile stopped abruptly--the same time her mirror went dark. "What?" Kathy reached for her mirror with hands that shook. "No," she whimpered. "Please, don't! Please!" Was something wrong? Did she somehow break it? How was she supposed to know what was going to happen to her if she couldn't watch in the mirror?

She needed to talk to Mr. Gaunt. She needed to know what had happened. She needed to get to Needful Things.

[Mirror cut text is NFB, please! Many thanks to theheadkid, not_every_mage, smilestopscars, and gunslingerpose for letting my mod their boys for sexy illusory funtimes. PG-13 rating for material under the cut.]