Contortionist: Spangles 04
Katherine Hana Li spin_kick_snap
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Room 508, Friday Afternoon
Funny enough, but Kathy felt great. She'd woken up this morning still exhausted after the events of last night, but without the overbearing pressure of wantwantwant in her system. So, she was left with just the normal amounts, because even without pollen, she was a seventeen year old girl on an island filled with way too many pretty people. But she was used to that already and could ignore it at will.

There were a pile of books and homework for her extra classes that she hadn't even looked at this week, but Kathy was too tired to even think about working on them. She'd get caught up next week, on break. For now, she was going to do some yoga and continue texting her sister, who'd heard of some of the stuff that had gone down in LA last night.

OMG!!!! U kno that club i told u abt ysterday? The all ages 1? It totes got raided last nite!

Raided? For what? Kathy sent, switching positions so she could text and stretch at the same time.

Weapons bust or whatevs. Ur gunna have 2 find a new club, srry. They r soooooo closed.

Kathy grinned. Even if Club Risqué had been able to stay open, she never would have gone back. But she wasn't going to tell her little sister that. For one thing, Sarah did NOT need to know about portals. Guess so. Keep an ear out, okay? And I'll see if I can't talk to Sparkle about getting me a fake so it doesn't matter whether they check or not.

My lame sis gettin a fake?!? Omg, u r cool! Tell Flick i'm sorry i doubted him! U'll have 2 buy me wine coolers w/it or somethin!


Loser. I'll tell mom & dad!

And I'll tell Flick you're a tattletale! Kathy laughed and shifted into an inverted split. Any superhero gossip I should know about

That biker-goggle guy was at the bust last nite! O the Immortal has a new name. Goes by Generator or somethin now. There's some creepy monster in venice beach but no1 knos if he's a good guy or a bad guy...

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