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Room 508, Friday Evening
After her last final, Kathy had marched straight back to her dorm to spend the rest of the day catching up with her AP classes. Being an undercover superhero in Baltimore was more of a timesuck than she'd thought possible and so Kathy had let a few things...slip. Nothing too bad or too far, but the end of the semester was coming up and she had a lot to do to be ready. She owed five essays for AP US History and AP English Lit, a few lab reports for AP Physics and Bio, a vocabulary quiz for Advanced Spanish and about four pages of calculus problems. Not to mention they all had midterms that were due before the end of next week.

By the time evening fell, Kathy had finished up all three of Lit essays, two of her lab reports, and her Spanish quiz. Deciding that much work totally deserved a break, she'd ran into town to pick up the largest cup of coffee the Perk could legally sell her and more healthy snacks to keep her blood sugar up and her brain focused. She'd been all set to return to her room when she'd made the mistake of stopping by the post office to get a few more holiday stamps for her Christmas cards. Because that's when she'd discovered a package had arrived for her, covered in bright wrapping paper, accompanied by a card from her sister.

I don't know how long this'll take to get to you, so I'm sending it early to make sure it gets to you before the big day. And, hey, if it shows up early, that means you'll have more time to enjoy it, right? Also, you'll notice your present has birthday wrapping paper, not Christmas. You're welcome.

Happy (probably early) Birthday! Can't wait for you to come home so Mom & Dad have someone else to nag!

Love, Sarah

Back in her room, Kathy nearly groaned aloud when she read the card. Judging by the shape of the package, Sarah had gotten her a new video game. Which meant there was any one of the five or so new releases that she was really, really, really looking forward to playing. And it was the last day of classes and her finals were all done for the semester... It would be so easy just to open her birthday present and spend a few hours happily puttering around on her computer.

But, no. She couldn't. Mr. Lyman has just told her that he thought she had the potential to get into Stanford. Stanford, ranked fourth nationally and the highest-rated university on the West Coast. She couldn't afford to spend all of tonight (and the rest of the weekend, let's be real) playing a video game instead of getting her work done. Reluctantly, she set her present down on her bed and turned back to her desk. The gift remained wrapped; Kathy was pretty sure that if she saw which game it was, she wouldn't be able to deny the temptation to play.

Just a few more essays, lab reports, and pages of calculus homework to go. And then she could start her take-home exams. And once they were all finished, only then would she open her gift and start playing.

So hopefully by her actual birthday, yeah. Ugh, temptation was the worst.

[Open, if anyone wants, though I will be slow because I get to play my video games. Nyaaah, Kathy]