Banzai Costume
Katherine Hana Li spin_kick_snap
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Baltimore, Monday Night, Very Late
Banzai gauged the distance between here and the next rooftop over. Too long for a jump, but if she ran to the left, she could run up the wall of the building next to it, catch hold of the flag pole, and then flip off of that to the roof she was aiming for.

When she landed on the roof, she skidded on the loose gravel (why did people even do that), but managed to keep her balance with barely a thought. She'd noticed that now. Unless she was deliberately trying to fall down, she didn't. It was like she had preternatural equilibrium, to go with the bounciness and the speed. Not that she was complaining. She almost wished she was still competing in gymnastics these days. The ability to never fall was nothing short of a miracle.

Though as soon as she thought that, she realized her competition days were over. Competing with her powers would be gravely unfair for everyone else participating. That was a real bummer--her abilities could probably get her to the Olympics if she really worked at it.

Looks like she'd be sticking to doing fancy moves to take down bad guys. Still, as she hopped over the other side of the roof and perched on the jutting rainsport to look down at the city, wind tugging at her braid and her brand new gi, adrenaline still pumping in her veins from her last fight, she was confident that it was all worth it.

[Establishy, unless you have a reason to meet up with a girl on a rooftop in Baltimore. NFB for off-island shenanigans.]