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Room 11, Creepiest Mansion Ever, Saturday Morning
So, at 5:55 am, Kathy had gotten up, put on a pair of headphones, clutched a pillow she could squeal into if she needed to, and logged onto Hulu Plus so she could watch the new reboot of the old shoujo anime she'd gotten hooked on as a little girl. It was amazing and glorious and even if the animation was a little weird in places (no, seriously, what was up with that transformation sequence?), and Kathy had gone back to sleep with a giant grin on her face.

When she woke up several hours later, the first thing she did was grab her laptop so she could watch it for another time. And maybe a third. What the heck, one more for good measure. It couldn't hurt right? Besides, Tumblr was blowing up with pics and gifs and already little bits of fanfiction. It was like the entirety of the fandom had come out today to watch and share and squee. Kathy was going to get up in a minute--really!--and start doing something productive. But first...

...Look, someone had pointed out that the love interest was wearing the pocketwatch that was going to be super-important in a few episodes. Kathy needed one last rewatch to see that for herself.

[YEAH I HAD TO. Mostly establishy, but open for pings if you're into wicked SP.]