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Room 508, Thursday Afternoon
After class, Kathy and Anders has decided to head up to her dorm and hang out for awhile. There were a number of movies that Kathy needed to show him before she left for college to get him caught up on her random pop cultural references.

Today, Kathy was thinking about showing him Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It was both a classic and the humor was absurdist enough (and not wholly dependent on culture) that hopefully it would translate.

And, hey, if they happened to get some quality snuggling in during the film, so much the better, huh?


Ringo was wearing shoes, not ATs, as she ran down the hall and slammed through Kathy's door without her usual knock. "Kathy! You need to--!"

Oh, she wasn't alone. Ringo straightened slightly, the large metal case in one hand swinging lazily from one hand, and took a couple of deep breaths. Actually, after a moment to consider it, it was probably a good thing Anders was already here. She'd probably need to talk to him, anyway.


"What does she need to?" Anders asked, irritated. The movie had barely gotten started, and he'd been looking forward to the movie/snuggling combination. "And have you heard of knocking? It's a quaint tradition where you hit the door with your knuckles before you come bursting in."


"It's okay," Kathy said, pulling herself away from Anders and sitting up. Ringo was generally very polite and good about respecting boundaries. For most part anyway. "Ringo, what's up? Are you okay?"


Normally, Ringo's competitiveness would have her taking at least some offense at the implied accusation of rudeness, but there were more important things on her mind at the moment.

"I'm fine, but Alluka's been kidnapped. Her family, I think."


"Sweet Andraste," Anders sighed, and sat up as he straightened his ponytail and shirt. "I'm sorry, Ringo. I didn't realize it was important."

Mainly because he hadn't given her a chance to explain.

"Do you know where they took her?"


Yup, all thoughts of a lazy afternoon were forgotten as Kathy shot to her feet, immediately heading to her closet where she kept her collection of weapons. Sure, they were supposed to be in the Weapons Locker, but she patrolled Baltimore far too often to keep them not in her possession.

"To the Zoldyck family compound," she said shortly. "Where she was never supposed to leave. They've brought her back to her room where they'll keep her locked away for good."


Anders' apology got a vague wave of dismissal. More important things to do now than be offended.

"That's what Mabel said, and it makes sense." She scowled. "I don't know that much about it, but her family is dangerous." Like, real dangerous.

"I think it happened less than an hour ago, though, so maybe we can catch them if we can move fast enough?" If they could even figure out where they were going and how to get there, that was.


"Portals." Anders noted quietly. "They could be anyplace by now, if they were willing to pay for it. And they might have hidden her a little better than by taking her right back home."

He watched Kathy gather her weapons, all but vibrating with worried energy.


Kathy looked up at him. "You coming along?" she asked him. She figured the answer was yes, but she wanted to make sure before starting to plan a rescue around that. "Ringo, what exactly did Mabel say? Is she back down in their room?"

Maybe Kathy could ask her a few more questions, get more information.


As if on cue, one magpie-shaped Mabel squawked and swooped in, coming to rest on Ringo's head.

No need to go down to her room, everybody! Mabel was here to help save the day!

Sorry, though. She couldn't carry her grappling hook like this. Though she would have tried if she'd been able to open her dorm room door again to fetch it.


"Um. No, she's not back in her room," Ringo answered, eyes rolling up as she tried to look at Mabel without moving her head and knocking Mabel off.

"She kind of didn't finish telling me all the details, either."


"Well, motherfuck," Kathy snapped. "Err, sorry, kohai. So, we have a missing girl, our only witness is a bird, and she didn't have a chance to tell you everything before she changed."

She tried not to groan, holding her head in her hands. "Okay. Then before we run off half-cocked, we need to plan. Figure out what we know, and decide on a course of action from there."


"Mabel said some big woman came and took Alluka. Sounds like she was alone?" That was probably a good thing, right? They could totally take one person!

She frowned. "But other than that, I don't know if we actually know that much."


"If we know where her family is, at least that would be a start," Anders said. "Which ... I don't. At all."

Earth geography was not his strong point.

To Kathy, he added, "And of course I'm coming,if we can figure out where we're going. Fake sister, remember?"


"Didn't want to assume," Kathy said, offering him a soft smile. "But I'm glad you are."

Her smile fell away and she stood, slinging her weapons bag over her shoulder.

"One woman? Well, she'd have to be an idiot to stay on the island any longer than she needed to, once she got Alluka," she said, thinking out loud. "The park has immediate access to the docks and is close enough to the Causeway that it would be easy to get in and out. We could ask some squirrels what they saw, maybe check around the docks. But if she's really good, she would have used Portalocity. Which means tracking their portals."

She looked over to Anders and Ringo. "Okay, which one of you wants to check out the dock, which one wants to talk to squirrels?"


Ringo gave her ATs a significant look. "I can take a look around the dock. I can get there fastest, probably."

Especially if Kathy would let her go out the window.


"That leaves me talking to squirrels," Anders said, not unhappily. "All right. Hopefully they remember me from my time on radio."

He glanced to Kathy. "What will you be doing?"


"Portalocity's our best bet for information," Kathy said, catching Ringo's eye and nodding to the window. Go for it, kohai. "But they're not going to just tell me who came for Alluka and where they went afterwards. So I figured I'd do this the easy way. I'm going to go see a man about a computer hack."

[Preplayed with the wonderful soniaroadsqueen, not_every_mage, and rhymeswithtable, and awesomely coded up by that_oldsaying. Happens after this and at roughly the same time as this.]