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Room 508, Wednesday Afternoon
So, ever since talking it over with Ringo, like, a month ago, Kathy had been toying with the idea of hosting a slumber party. The problem was--she'd never been to one and had no idea how they were supposed to actually work. Should she have it in her room or stake out one of the common rooms? Invite specific people or open it to everyone? Plan activities or just let everyone do what they wanted? She was keeping track of ideas in a notebook, but right now all she had was Food? Yes. Lots of it.

Not helpful.

In a moment of desperation, she'd even gone trawling the net for ideas, but every website she found with ideas had been for little kids, complete with Disney Princess theme decorations and Mattel board games. Everybody probably figured that by the time you were seventeen you already had this kind of thing figured out.

Okay, next idea: try to find examples of sitcoms that featured slumber parties and watch those episodes and hope something clicked? Ooooor give up? That was always an option, too.

It probably said a lot about her that running around the rooftops of Baltimore tackling muggers and drug dealers was easier than planning a small social gathering.



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Raven tapped on the door with her knuckles and leaned in. "Heya, future roommie. What're you up to?"


2015-08-13 01:32 am (UTC) (Link)

"Dyyyyyyyyyyying," Kathy groaned, thudding her head against her notebook. Because there was nothing that couldn't be made better with a bit of melodrama. "Being social sucks and I don't like it. Let's be hermits forever."


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"Okay, but I don't think I'd be very good at it." Raven came over to sit next to Kathy. "You're not taking some super-hard summer tutorial thing, are you?"


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"Nope." She was still thudding her head. "I'm trying to throw a slumber party. Or, well, thinking of doing it. Idly contemplating. Failing completely to throw anything at all. Something like that."


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Raven tried not to laugh at her. "Well I can help you with that. What have you figured out so far?"


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Kathy picked her head up long enough to shove the notebook at Raven.

"I should definitely have food," she mumbled into her arms. "And I should probably invite someone people. Or everyone. Or no one at all. One of those. Ughhh, how am I so bad at this?"


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"Your head is too full of school," Raven said. "It's very tragic. Food's a good start. What's the theme for the party?"


2015-08-13 02:25 am (UTC) (Link)

"I need a theme?" Kathy wailed asked. "Why do I need a theme? Isn't coming to a party and, I dunno, having fun and maybe sleeping? Or not sleeping? Whatever people do at parties. I don't even know. I'm terrible at parties. And people. And things. I don't even know."

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"Breathe," Raven said, reaching over to pat Kathy on the head. "It doesn't have to be fancy. A theme helps you know what kind of party it is. Is it a birthday party? End of summer bash?"

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Hanna was doing her wandering-around-thing (not checking the perimeter! Because... yeah) and poked her head into Kathy's room. "Hello. What is going on?"

Velcro was trying to escape her grip, but Hanna just lifted him to her shoulder in an attempt to contain him. Good luck on that.


2015-08-13 04:48 am (UTC) (Link)

"Hanna!" Kathy grinned at the other girl and waved her in. "Hey, long time no see! You're just in time to help me plan a possible future slumber party! Because I have no idea what I'm doing!"



2015-08-13 04:52 am (UTC) (Link)

Hanna contemplated that, then wandered in to perch on the edge of Kathy's desk. "I have never planned a party either," she said, tone speculative. "But, the time we all watched the superhero movies, doesn't that count?"


2015-08-13 05:07 am (UTC) (Link)

"That was...I dunno, less a party and more a gathering?" Kathy tried, not entirely certain where the line was drawn there, either. "I mean, it was just something Raven and I planned to do and then other people showed up. This would be something I'd, I dunno, wanna invite a bunch of people to and then panic whether anyone was going to show up or not."

Did that help clarify things?


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"So, it will go even better, with planning," Hanna said. In defiance of this, Velcro leapt off her shoulder and onto the window sill, to prowl around the new territory. "... And of course people will show up. It's a party. And you are well-liked."


2015-08-13 05:27 am (UTC) (Link)

Conversation had to be paused momentarily so Kathy to lean down and make kissy noises at Velcro. Because obviously. That was what one did when there was a kitty in the room. Though she did beam at Hanna for the 'well-liked' comment.

"Really?" she asked, warmed to her toes. "I mean, I know I've made some really great friends, but...I mean, thanks Hanna. That means a lot."

And Hanna had a point. She had no idea where she registered on a popularity scale, but even if only her friends came, it would still be a pretty fun party.