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Baltimore, Wednesday Night
The night was both hot and muggy; Banzai wasn't sure whether that would mean it was too hot for people to get into much trouble, or if it was going to be one of those nights when it was so uncomfortable that it just spurred people to act like assholes. The middle of the week usually skewed towards it being too much effort, but Banzai was always a little wary. Especially tonight, when she had someone with her. Anders could take care of himself, she knew that, but she couldn't help but worry a bit anyway. It wasn't like he wandered around fighting bad guys often. Yet.

She was hoping that they could get some parkouring in, maybe take down a mugger or two or stop a drug deal or something, and he could have a fun night that took his mind off his relationship woes. She was certain that he and Nathan would be okay in a few days, it just took some time and patience.

Not that Anders was all that great at patience.

"So, I mostly patrol from the rooftops because you get the best view of what's going on," Banzai explained, gesturing out towards the city below them. "And I can usually get wherever I'm going in a hurry, unlike if I were at street level. But we can head down to the ground if you think it would be easier that way?"

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"No, I'd like to do it the way you do," Tempest decided. Partially because he wanted to follow Kathy's lead, but also because he knew he was a better distance fighter than anything else. "Lead the way. Anything I should watch for?"

He was wearing a deep grey fitted t-shirt and black jogging pants: Nothing very costumey, but he could move in it. It fit in perfectly other than the staff on his back. A plain black mask was stuck in his hip pocket, ready for action whenever Kathy gave the signal.


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"I feel like I should give you a crash course in how people move," Banzai said with a grin, "because it actually tells you a lot if you know what to look for."

As Kathy, she'd spent a lot of time observing others rather than being a part of the crowd. She'd learned a lot about body language before she could even properly categorize what she was learning.

"The easiest thing for now, though, is to watch the crowd. Have you ever watched ants? Seen how they all move together, at least until a new element is introduced. People are like that. On their own, they'll all follow unconscious paths. It's when there's a small knot of chaos that usually means something is amiss."


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Anders nodded, appreciating how serious Kathy sounded. It made this seem more like something real,less like some crazy whim or distraction.

"So I want to look for anything where people are clumping up," he repeated. "It could be something good or something bad, yes?"


2015-07-16 02:25 am (UTC) (Link)

"Exactly," Banzai said. "Anything that disrupts the order needs a second look. It means we miss stuff sometimes--good pickpockets can hit a bunch of victims without disrupting anything--but we'll get the big things. Muggings, fistfights, even drugs sometimes. Most people aren't good enough at doing something shady to go with the flow afterwards."


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Anders nodded, pausing on the stairway to squint at the crowds. "How much is there to do on a normal night?" he wondered. "And do you ever get interrupted by the police?"


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"Normal weeknight?" Kathy looked around and shrugged. "Depends on where I patrol. There's usually stuff going on after one, when all the bars let out and the drunks go home. It's like a drunken buffet for pickpockets and muggers. And there's always something going on if I really wanted to find it. B and E's, hold-ups, domestic disputes, that kind of thing. Baltimore's not huge on really violent crime and it doesn't have much in the way of gangs or organized crime the way other cities do."

So, a pretty good city for a fledgling superhero to cut her teeth on. She didn't have to worry about running afoul of an entire syndicate because she was cutting in on their profits or whatever,

"As for the cops, not really? Most of the stuff I stop doesn't usually involve the cops, or if it does, they're called after I have people ziptied. I've run into cops a few times, but usually I can jackrabbit off before they get out of the car or whatever."


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"I'll throw a fireball into an alley and run fast in the other direction," Anders decided. "That should distract them for long enough for me to get away."

He glanced along the block. "This looks like a perfect setting for a drunken buffet. Lots of little dark nooks for the pickpockets."


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"They won't all be pickpockets," Banzai warned. "Oh, do you feel about, uhh, working girls?" She blushed a little. "I mean, you know, ladies--and a few guys--whose, uhh, affections are...rentable?"

Sex workers, Kathy. You could just say sex workers.


2015-07-18 01:21 am (UTC) (Link)

Anders squinted at her. "You mean," he ventured, trying to think of something more polite than what he would have said in front of somebody who wasn't Kathy, "brothel-workers? Only, er, without he brothel? I don't have a problem with them if that's what you're asking."

The ones in the Pearl were supposed to be very friendly!


2015-07-18 01:37 am (UTC) (Link)

"Okay good," Kathy said, relieved. "Because there are a few hanging out around here and they're actually really nice and I work with them sometimes. Err, not like that." Obviously. "I mostly keep an eye out to make sure no one bothers them or anything. Sometimes people can get--pushy."

And Kathy was not about that.

"Yeah, I know prostitution is illegal, but so is vigilantism, so I figure it all comes out in the wash, you know?"


2015-07-18 01:44 am (UTC) (Link)

"Right, but why is it illegal?" Anders wondered. "It's obviously not the nicest way to make a living, but as long as everyone involved agrees I can't see how it hurts anyone. It's legal at home."

And yet again, Thedas managed to be marginally more sane than Earth!


2015-07-18 01:54 am (UTC) (Link)

"Because we were founded by Puritans hopped up on sex-shaming religion and outlawing sex work predominantly harms poor and minority women and other people who aren't part of the moral majority," Kathy stated. "Or, more succinctly, because bullshit."


2015-07-18 02:42 am (UTC) (Link)

"... all right then," Anders decided brightly. "Then I'll be happy to protect them."


2015-07-18 02:47 am (UTC) (Link)

There was a reason that Banzai had originally tried calling herself Social Justice Warrior. Okay, rather, there were so many reasons why she'd tried that. So many.

God, Anders, didn't you read her Tumblr anymore?

"Yeah, so now we just mostly keep an eye--" The sound of angry voices rose up from an alleyway. Several young men, by the sound of it. "--Or an ear out. Shall we go check that out? See what it is?"

She should probably sound less chipper than that, honestly.


2015-07-18 03:11 am (UTC) (Link)

Anders read her Tumblr sometimes! When there weren't any more cat pictures!

... so, not very often. Sorry.

"Sounds like an excellent idea," he said, reaching to draw his staff. "I'll follow your lead, all right?"

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